Announcing Ice DAO presale, tokenomics & whitelist details

4 min readNov 21, 2021


Welcome back to Ice DAO! We are happy to announce more details about the presale and the whitelist!

Presale event

We are planning to hold a presale, in order to raise a total amount of $300.000,at the price of $10 per $ICE.

How will our presale be conducted ?

  • We will select up to 250 whitelisted users from our community. They will have access to our presale for a period of 24 hour.
  • Each whitelisted participant will be able to contribute up to a maximum of $1.200.
  • Whitelisted participants will be able to buy-in to the presale using the $MIM stablecoin.
  • After the 24 hour period of presale access for whitelisted users, the sale will then open up to the public to fill any remaining unsold allocation from the presale. The public sale will be open until the full $300.000 is raised. Maximum contribution during the public sale will be limited to $600 per wallet.
  • Participants in the presale/public sale will be given $alphaICE (“$aICE”) tokens. $aICE holders will be able to swap their tokens for $ICE at a ratio of 1:1.
  • Participants in the presale or public sale will be able to swap their $aICE tokens for $ICE tokens 10 minutes after liquidity launching and Dapp goes live, in order to prevent a mass liquidity event at launch.

We will announce the presale date and launch date later.

Where will go the raised funds ?

Ice DAO team plans to allocate the funds raised ($MIM) during the presale event as follows:

  • $112.500 (37.5%) to create the liquidity pool at a rate of 1 $ICE = 20 $MIM. The LP tokens will be locked in the treasury.
  • $112.500$ (37.5%) for the Ice DAO treasury, securing the intrinsic value of $ICE.
  • $75.000 (25%) for the project team. To ensure robust and continued development of the project, Ice DAO team will not get a full team allocation at launch. When the treasury reaches $1 million, team will get 33% of the team allocation, when treasury reaches $2 million, team will get another 33%, and when the treasury value reaches $3 million, the team will get the remaining amount of team allocation.


Ice DAO team will have a limited whitelist allocation totaling 250 spots. Each whitelisted user will earn the “Iced Out” designation in their Discord profile. Below is how the 250 Iced Out whitelist roles will be allocated:

  • All members must have (🧊,🧊) into their Discord server profile name to be eligible for an Iced Out spot.
  • 50 Iced Out for members who boost the Discord and stay active. Note: these spots will be raffled off between all boosters vs. given to the first 50 to boost.
  • 100 Iced Out for our coldest members: the first 100 entrants into the Ice DAO Discord.
  • 25 Iced Out for members with the most real invites in our Discord.
  • 25 Iced Out for community contest/quizz.
  • 30 Iced Out for contributors, who help us build a solid community. They could be mods for our regional language communities, advisors, members who translate articles and members who make memes.
  • 20 Iced Out for various Discord giveaways.

If the maximum allocation amount of whitelists in one category is not reached, the Ice DAO team reserves the right to allocate the unused amount of whitelist spots to another category. (e.g.: If 10 Iced Out spots are unclaimed in the contributors category, the Ice DAO team could distribute these spots in the Discord giveaway category instead).

While these allocations may change, the maximum amount of whitelisted members will still be 250. Ice DAO team will not allow more whitelisted members.

We will communicate on Twitter as soon as the discord is available ! Dont forget to activate notifications.


Ice DAO presale will mint 30,000 $ICE (at $10 per $ICE).

Initial treasury

Ice DAO’s initial treasury will hold $112,500 $MIM tokens. This portion of the treasury will be used to create a stable foundation. It will also include $225,000 worth of $ICE/MIM LP tokens. This brings the total value of Ice DAO’s initial treasury holdings to $337,500.

35,625 $ICE tokens will be minted initially. 30,000 will be issued to IDO users. 5,625 $ICE will be added to liquidity, with 112,500 $MIM. It means $ICE will be backed by $9,47 of value at launch. (As a reminder, the presale price will be 10$ per $ICE).

Tokens owned by the team

We choose not to allocate any $ICE tokens to the team.



Discord: Coming soon

Stay cold…