Announcing Ice DAO’s presale/public sale process/DApp and liquidity launch process

4 min readNov 28, 2021


We are happy to announce the presale event process/DApp and liquidity launch process to our community !

Presale event

All members with the “Iced Out” role on discord (and as long as they keep ice cubes in their server profile name) will be eligible to participate in our presale. We will collect wallet addresses in the WL Address channel on Ice DAO’s Discord server. We will redistribute WL spots of members who don’t submit their wallet address.

How to transfer funds to Avalanche ?

You must add Avalanche network to your Metamask Wallet, here are the steps :

Log in to MetaMask -> Click the Network drop-down -> Select Custom RPC

Input the following parameters :

After that, you must add funds to Avalanche network. The easiest way to add funds to your Metamask wallet is to withdraw AVAX directly from a centralized exchange (Binance, Coinbase, FTX, etc…).

You can also bridge from other chains using any of these options:

You will need $AVAX in your wallet to pay for gas fees (between 30 and 80 cents per tx usually). If you don’t keep a bit of $AVAX in your wallet, you won’t be able to perform any transaction on the Avalanche network.

Once you have successfully transferred funds to the Avalanche network, you will need to swap your funds to $MIM stablecoin. You will only be able to participate in our presale/public sale with $MIM.
You can swap your funds to $MIM on Trader Joe decentralized exchange (

Now you’re all set to be part of the presale !

IDO/Presale launch date

We will launch the presale on December 2nd at 00:00 UTC

After 24 hours, the presale event will enter the public sale phase. Non-whitelisted members will be able to purchase any unsold tokens from the presale.

Public sale will close as soon as the full $300,000 is reached.

Max contribution

Whitelisted members will be able to contribute up to $1,200 in the presale.
During the public sale phase(which is essentially for the purpose of ensuring the full $300,000 is raised at launch, as we expect some white-listers to not max allocate), non-whitelisted members will be able to contribute up to $600.
Whitelisted members won’t be able to participate in public sale.
If you are whitelisted (or participating into public sale), you only have 1 transaction to contribute into the presale/public sale, so be sure you are contributing the right amount on your first attempt !

$aICE and $ICE

During the presale, you will contribute $MIM and receive $aICE (“alpha Ice”). You can send $aICE to another wallet, but we advise you to keep it in your wallet. We won’t be responsible for any $aICE lost.

$aICE won’t have any value, it is only used for the purpose exchanging for $ICE at a ratio of 1:1.

You will be able to claim your $ICE tokens by exchanging $aICE to $ICE on our claim page. Note: The claim function will be available approximately 5 to 10 minutes after DApp and liquidity launch.


We will be using a multi-sig to ensure the safety of the funds. There will be 3 keys in total. Our team will hold 2 keys, and we are currently in talks with a trusted DeFi influencer about potentially giving him the last multi-sig key. There will be 3 keys in total.

Each transaction will have to be approved by the 3 keys in order to make the funds accessible. Ice DAO’s team will not be able to move funds without the approval of the last key.

We will publish our contracts on Github to make them accessible for all to review.

DApp and liquidity launch

On December 3th, at 20:00 UTC, we will publicize the contract address via Discord and provide liquidity to the $MIM/$ICE pool on Trader Joe.

IMPORTANT: Don’t use any contract address other than the one which will be published on our Discord announcement channel !

To buy $ICE on Trader Joe, you will need to get $MIM.

DApp will be available following the contract announcement. We will offer huge bond discounts and a huge APY at launch to incentivize holding.

Available bonds at launch will be :

  • $ICE-$MIM LP
  • $MIM